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Absolute Neem

ABSOLUTE NEEM is nature's gift. Absolute Neem is a new generation botanical pesticide derived from the neem tree. Its application is for the safe protection of crops from various pests. Absolute Neem oil is developed from a unique extraction process which preserves the active ingredient Azadirachtin and many other minor actives (triterpenoids).

Absolute Neem is an eco friendly insect and mite control agent, it's easily bio degradable, leaves no residue and it is soft to insect predators and pollinators. Absolute Neem controls all pests by acting as an antifeedant, insect growth inhibitor, repellent and it suppresses ovicidal activity. Absolute Neem is highly effective for the control of pests on field crops as well as ornamentals.

Eddy Jones: +27 (0) 81 572 0607

Craig Meese:  +27 (0) 21 554 0587


Contact numbers

South Africa: L 9317

Namibia: N - AR 1492

Agricultural Certification

Co Reg 2011/01328/23

Registration Number

Absolute Neem PTY Limited


Absolute Neem BENEFITS

* Antifeedant

* Insect Growth inhibitor

* Repellent

* Disruption of insects hormonal    balance

Mode of action

* Beneficial as an insecticide

* Effective against various mites

* Cost effective & Economical

* Ideal for IPM, non residual

* Compatible with most pesticides

Absolute Neem Oil is an unadulterated, cold pressed neem oil, which is registered as a biological pesticide/insecticide for crop use.

Our pure neem oil is processed using a unique, patented cold press process which excludes the use of heat or chemicals. This allows us to preserve the well balanced nutrients in the oil, many of which would be otherwise lost.

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